November 26th, 2011

「stock」★ your aura captivates me。


I've poked through an Enochian dictionary and cobbled together a few glosses to produce a rough translation of "Iad dluga page" for "God grant me rest". Currently, the literal translation as far as I can tell is "God give rest"; I haven't figured out how first-person pronouns in the object position are supposed to work and whether there are conjugations.

I don't have knowledge of Enochian; I would just like to have a line of it in a story I'm writing. So if there's anyone out there with more knowledge of Enochian who can refine my translation, I would greatly appreciate the help. :) Thanks!
Nana Osaki
  • yasure

English resumé: proofreading?

Hi everyone!

I would like to know if an English native speaker would be kind enough to proofread my English resumé. I'm French and this is my first time writing a resumé in English, and I'm not too confident about my written English. The company is based in England, so I'm supposed to write in British English and not American English (which makes it even more difficult for me...).

Thank you in advance!
(I didn't see anything related to these kinds of requests on the profile, but I'm so sorry if this is against the rules!)
  • aokugi

Decoding memories of Italian

I have a small favor to ask of the Italian speakers here.

My dad's grandmother was Italian, so he grew up hearing some Italian even though he doesn't speak it at all. He does have a few random phrases that he remembers from being a kid. The below is my approximation of the words/sounds and what they mean.

"Tusi fata pitra?" = Who cut the cheese?
"Il cula mia u chupa li da faccia ti!" = My *ss is cleaner than your face.

I tried the second one out on a native Italian-speaking friend, and all he could make of it was, "My *ss...something...your face."

I'm curious to know what these might once have been. If you have any thoughts, I would be really interested to know what they are. Also, his grandmother was from about 40 km out of Naples if that's any help. Grazie!