November 1st, 2011

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grow hair on a cross-cut saw

Dear Everybody,

Would you please give me the synonymous expression or periphrasis of  the idiom 'to grow hair on a cross-cut saw'? May be you happen to know the etymology?
I guess that it refers to the extremely fertile soil like in "Mississippi delta bottom land will, for the most part, grow hair on a cross-cut saw." or "The land was rich, black, and fertile. Papa said it would grow hair on a crosscut saw."

Thank you all in advance!


Latin Personal Pronouns? :)

Hey everyone :)

I was wondering if someone could remind me of the difference between the usages of "is,ea, id" as personal pronouns and "hic, haec, hoc". If they mean the same thing (she, he it, they), does it just differ what tenses they're used in, etc? Our teacher put the "is, ea, id" with our "active" conjugations for verbs (Ex: lavo, lavare, etc.) and "hic, haec, hoc" with our "passive" conjugations (Ex: lavor, lavaris, lavatur, etc.) if that helps :)

Hopefully someone could help me out on this! I was just doing review and realized I completely didn't know the difference, if there is one, of when they're used and with what :P
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