October 23rd, 2011


Crossing out mistakes on genkō yōshi

Just for fun, I've started trying to keep a diary in a notebook with genkō yōshi style paper. I've managed to find instructions on how to format the punctuation etc. for vertical writing--actually very interesting to learn!--but one tiny detail is bothering me. What is the "proper" way to cross out or strike out mistakes in this style of writing? When I make mistakes in English I was taught to cross them out (this way); so what is the equivalent way to cross out my many, many mistakes while writing Japanese?

'We (the team I support) won today'


When sports fans refer to the teams they support, they tend to use the first plural pronoun, so they'll say 'we lost', 'we were great' and so on.
Now, obviously, they refer to the players who took part and not to themselves, as they weren't there on the pitch/field/etc playing.

I was wondering if this phenomenon falls under any linguistic category (perhaps some kind of metonymy?) and if so, how could one explain it linguistically?

Thank you for any ideas!
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