October 1st, 2011

  • joho07

Blinded by the accent!

This article is only available in German, but it's talking about this study.

According to the study, when "categorizing people ethnically" we like to base our judgements on the accent of the person, rather than their looks, given we hear them talk. This is the reason why sometimes the comment is made that "all Chinese people look alike": based on a Chinese person's Chinese accent, we do not associate them to be "one of us" and therefore do not remember their features as well as (Chinese) person who speaks accent-free.

Unfortunately, I cannot read the article, but I read the German comment about it. What do you think?
  • qn128

Understanding Woody Allen

Hi everyone,
I've been reading "Getting Even" by Woody Allen and I came across two parts that I don't understand.

The first one.
I googled and found out that BB is a type of gun so does it mean that he just wanted to shoot at a teddy bear?

The work proceeded apace, and in a mere two afternoons - with time out for dozing and trying to get the two little BBs into the eyes of the bear - I had completed the philosophical work that I am hoping will not be uncovered until after my death (...).

Here's the one that gives me more trouble.
I realize it's kind of word play but I don't get it which is really frustrating becasue I understand what words "the just" and "the crust" mean...  Could you explain what Woody Allen means by this? Mind that English is not my native language so some things may not be obvious for me.

What, then, is "beautiful"? The merging of harmony with the just, or the merging of harmony with something that just sounds like "the just"? Possibly harmony should have been merged with "the crust" and this is what's been giving us our trouble. Truth, to be sure, is beauty - or "the necessary." That is, what is good or possessing the qualities of "the good" results in "truth." If it doesn't, you can bet the thing is not beautiful, although it may still be waterproof. I am beginning to think I was right in the first place and that everything should be merged with the crust.
Oh, well.

Thank you for any help.

EDIT: Thanks a lot for your helpful answers! It's clear now :)
  • fynoda

Is there a Hungarian speaker present?

An Hungarian dessert called cseresznyes joghurtos piskota was mentioned in a travel mag I'm reading. It's apparently some sort of cherry yogurt sponge cake. I need to put this in my mouth. Would someone be able to dig up a recipe for it please, in English? My Google skills are weak in Hungarian.

Thanks for any help on this~