August 23rd, 2011


German help!!

This might seem a little silly but I've just customized a My Little Pony (latest series) to look like Nurse Redheart but I wound up using a Pegasus instead and because of several mishaps, I decided to instead just make her my own nurse character.  With that I decided to go with a German name and thought that perhaps I should try writing "Redheart" in German.  So I don't know if "Nurse Rotherzen" is even remotely close to what it should be.

Anyways, I've decided that I want to name her "True Heart" which I've written as "Treuherz".  Is that correct or am I completely off?  Also, is there a better way to write that?  I'm trying to keep the names something that would appear in "My Little Pony" though several times in trying to figure out a translation I was close to just naming her "Nurse Hilda".

One last question, in my dictionary it has "nurse" written as "Krankenschwester" and I was wondering if there was something shorter that could be used, or if that is what is said.  If I had a better ear for German I'd rewatch "Kammerflimmern" to try and listen if it is used or not, but I think they visit the hospital maybe three times and I don't think the title was ever brought up.  Thank you in advance!

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{APH} eng+lion

/r/ + /h/ + /l/

In the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R. Martin there's a red priestess called Melisandre. She worships some red god called "R'hllor". The book doesn't say anything about the fictional language of Asshai (the place where she's from), but even so... how the fuck do you even pronounce it? Any ASOIAF fans in this comm.? Come out, come out, wherever you are. :D More importantly... would that name even be phonetically realizable? (Assuming ‘r’ is a trill or tap, ‘h’ is a velar, uvular or glottal fricative, and ‘ll’ is a liquid).

Do we know of any language that allows /r/ + /h/ + /l/? If I recall correctly, I believe Ancient Greek had /r/ + /h/ (or /x/?), hence 'rh'. And there was /h/ + /l/ in Old Norse. At any rate, I've never heard of a language that allows /r/ + /h/ + /l/ in word-initial position. I haven't a clue what that apostrophe in R'hllor stands for, but I don't reckon it's a glottal stop. I mean, /r/ + /ʔ/ + /h/ + /l/ = LOL. Do any Slavic languages allow this consonant cluster? I know Czech and Polish have 'ch' [x] + 'l', and /l/ or /r/ can be the nucleus of a syllable...

Anyways, I can almost pronounce "R'hllor", but it just sounds off and unnatural. So I guess you could say that maybe it's phonetically realizable but I'm more interested in knowing whether there's a language that does, in fact, allow this sound sequence. Would the trill being voiceless help? I've no clue how to make that, but apparently Icelandic and Welsh have a voiceless /r/, so there's that, lol.

quick english question (again and again and...)

ah, beloved linguaphiles friends. what would i ever do without youXD? anyway i want to ask : how to say "my name is john" in 1st pov past tense fiction?_? in all other lines i use "was" (i was doing this, cleaning that, eating it, etc) but it feels kinda strange to say "my name was..." since the main character isnt changing his name or anything. so is it "was" or "is"? as always thank you very much for your help!

Am I even allowed in this comm?

Hey there.

As you can probably tell, I'm new.

And also feeling pretty awkward right now.

So, when I was getting familiarized with LJ, I saw this comm in the spotlight, and I thought "wow, that's great! A place completely dedicated to languages!" I didn't realize how dedicated. I won't lie and say I'm a linguist;I won't even lie and say that I'm really good at languages. What I am is fascinated.

I recently spent a couple of weeks in Europe, stopping in four different countries. I couldn't by any means speak any of the languages, but I could be polite and respectful. Even that small accomplishment gave me such a thrill, but it also served to show me how far I've yet to go. I saw this comm, I came, and I was scared. Everyone here seems to speak several languages, or is an active linguist/translator/skilled and intelligent individual, and I only speak one language fluently - English. Gah.

So, what, do I lurk here and bask in the lingual skills? Or do I leave and come back when I've had more than two years of French and six lessons of Pimsleur's Hungarian?

Am I even allowed to be here?
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