August 6th, 2011


"Mysterious" dialect of Sumerian."ТАЙНЫЙ" язык шумеров EME-SAL.

This is an article & glossary of "magic" Sumerian dialect "eme-sal" (in Russian).
*** Кроме обычного языка у древних шумеров существовал особый тайный язык eme-sal, использовавшийся в магических ритуалах.
® Словарь этого языка можно найти в журнале

Reading and Writing Japanese

Hi, everyone. I'm just a beginner in Japanese and I'm catching on to speaking and listening fairly well, but the written stuff is lost on me. I'm using the websites LiveMocha and Erin's Challenge, but neither site seems to be really great at helping with the written aspect.

Does anyone know of a good site (or a few good websites) that can help me read and write in Japanese? Book suggestions are good, too.