August 5th, 2011

German grammar in everyday conversation

Hello everyone,

I've been learning German for 4 years now and I'm approaching a level of fluency, as far as listening-comprehension. With speaking, I'm still much slower and a bit awkward since there's a lot of grammar to think about (adjective endings, the 4 cases, gender of definite articles, word order, usw.). So I had a question about native German speakers. I know in English, even educated adults will still mess up things like "me" and "I" and most people listening won't care or notice. For example: "Me and Jimmy are going to the mall." or even "He took Hannah and I out for coffee." So, I was wondering how it is in German, which to me has more things that could "schieflaufen". Does the average native German speaker care or notice when people mess up the genders of nouns/ adjective endings/ word order?

Any opinions, information or personal anecdotes about this would be greatly appreciated!

Vielen Dank im Voraus!

EDIT: I realize my entry was confused by some. I was more asking about how native German speakers perceive OTHER native German speakers, if they mess up genders, adjective endings, etc.
But the opinion on foreign speakers is also interesting! Thanks again.
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Spanish and German Question

I have another "how do you say" question for both Spanish and German. Again, it's a technical term that's throwing me for a loop. How would a native speaker say the equivalent of "Powering Up" and "Powering Down"? This is for a recording for a blue tooth headset.