July 21st, 2011

Fandom Epilepsy

Arabic/English translation check

In the story I'm writing, I need a name for my fictional extremist group. Sadly, I speak neither Arabic nor Pashto (it's set in Afghanistan), so I'm having to piece something together from other names. And yes, I'm aware of the hazards of that, which is why I'm turning to you fine folks.

I'm aiming for something that translates more-or-less as "Zmaray's Freedom Party". I've gotten as far as Hizb-al Hurriya Zmaray. (It should be Hizb-al, not Hizb-i, yes?) Am I close? Or have I just called them something extremely silly?

(Answers in Roman alphabet only, please; I am but a poor peasant in these matters, and as beautiful as Arabic script is, it's wasted on me. Tips on transcription also welcome.)

And if anybody just happens to know how to say the equivalent thing in Pashto, please share....