July 18th, 2011

  • joho07

spanish pizza


I've noticed that my colombian boyfriend always says something like "piksa" when talking about or mentioning pizza. I thought it was just something he did, but now I've found out that his aunt pronounces it the same way as he does. So, I've come to the conclusion that it's either some weird family thing they have, or a common way of pronouncing "pizza" in Colombia, or at least in the region (they come from and about Bogota). So, to find out, I would like to know from you how the word "pizza" is commonly pronounced in various spanish-speaking areas.

Thank you!

Tibetan Transliteration Resources

I'm looking to learn how to transliterate Tibetan. Learning the language can come after, if ever, but I'm getting annoyed with reading texts and being unsure of the transliteration they're using and how a word is to be pronounced.

I know of http://www.tibetanlanguage.org/ and http://www.learntibetan.net/ but I was wondering if anyone had experience learning, and if so what was it? I mean, I know I could really just sit down with the wiki entry and hash it out, but I'd rather something I could work through over time.
my trainer and her mudkip

Dog commands in Japanese

I'm a geek and I would like to train my fake dog in Japanese. I got Nintendogs & Cats, and I'm running into some problems coming up with good, distinguishable commands the game can recognize. I've done a bit of research on my own (and I have familiarity with the language--apologies that I'm not on my home computer, so no hiragana/katakana):

sit: osuwari, suware
lie down: fuse
stand: tate (or tatte?), tachi
roll over: omawari, ukemi
play dead: sinda furi
shake (right paw): ote
shake (left paw): okawari
beg: onegai wa?
jump: jyanpu

Are those correct so far?

I also need help with commands for:

spin in a circle
sit up (on its haunches)
cheer (wave its paws in the air like it just don't care)
say please (this is somehow different from beg--it rolls on its back and waves its paws)

Some of those are obviously completely nonstandard dog tricks, but the game has them, so I have to figure out something to tell my dog!

(In English, with this game, I have a lot of difficulty getting it to distinguish between "stand" and "sit up", "cheer" and "sneeze", "jump" and "stand"--I don't even know why on that one. Must be my Californian accent somehow!)