July 10th, 2011

Swedish Question!

Can someone tell me the difference between trollkvinna and trollkvinnan? Is the latter plural over the other, is one wrong, am I completely lost, etc.? As a side question, would it be the word to use for sorceress? I know there's häxa which is more often used, but I'm not as fond of it, and I've only now learned of trollpacka and trollkona. I've been purely going off a song title (Konungen och Trollkvinnan), so I've been wanting to actually get advice from someone. Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

edit Oh, one more. Strömkarl - the mythical beings. If I wanted to make them plural, what would be best to do? I keep wanting to just slap on an S and feel guilty every darn time!

Looking for jobs in Spanish?

Hi, everyone. I've recently completed my CELTA, and one of the places I've been looking for jobs is Latin America. However, I don't speak much Spanish, so I've been having a lot of trouble with the websites of EFL schools. I can mostly muddle through understanding the website with the help of Google Translate, but where I'm running into trouble is finding out whether or not they have openings. On a lot of English-language websites, there tends to be a link that says "jobs," "employment," "careers," "work with us," etc. I'm looking for words/phrases I could try looking for in the search field on these sites. Thanks!