July 7th, 2011

blessed is the norm

Latin help?

Anybody here know Latin enough to give me grammar/syntax help here? It's for the lyrics of a children's song.

Senex MacDonald habeat fundum
Et in hic fundum habeat bovum
Moo-moo hic
Moo-moo ibi
Hic moo, ibi moo, ibique moo-moo
Senex MacDonald habeat fundum

Other verses:
ovum - baa baa
equum - neigh neigh
porcum - oink-oink

I did not make this up, and I'm sure it's absolutely dreadfully wrong in terms of grammar and syntax, but kids love it. Can anyone point out the more obvious errors? And if you can, suggest corrections that still make it sound like Old MacDonald Had a Farm?

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