July 5th, 2011

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Hi there, I am looking for an advice.


I am looking for a French immersion program/course in France.

I really need your advices as for where would you suggest looking. I am 22, have never been to France, do not have friends there, so I am not tied to any particular place, and I am also really anxious about speaking French fluently (let’s just say that right now I understand much and can produce very little). I have heard nice comments about Sorbonne in Paris, and Alliance Française that seems to be almost in every town. does anyone have any personal knowledge of any other quality programs? 

So, I am thinking Paris, but the prices on housing and pretty much everything else are so much higher that in province. I am curious if extra money is worth staying in Paris and not somewhere close with an option to travel to Paris on weekends.

thanks so much for your input!!


Native or non-native English?

This note was taped to my apartment door a while ago, and a friend and I were debating whether it was written by a native or non-native speaker of English.

What do you think, and why?

Edit: It's interesting to note also that there was no scaffolding involved, just the bucket/hydraulic lift...
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