June 28th, 2011

yao chen

song troubles

Hi linguaphiles. I'm just cruising through my French song collection and searching up the lyrics but this song is pissing me off as it's so awesome but I can't find the spoken words between the different little 'movements' on any of the lyric sites. Alas my French is also not that great and I can only make out minimal sense. If you guys could help that'd be great, as it's irking me a lot :/.

Parts in question:

1. 0:41 - 0:48 (after 'merde, je n'aime pas la rime' and before the 'b-b-b-bounce'. something along the lines of 'plus moderne' and 'trop melancolique' but just don't know the exact wording :/)

2. 1:15 - 1:24 (starting with 'tu finis.........comprends rien' or something or other until the 'uh uh uh beat fat...')

3. 1:42 - 1:51 (after 'malin boy' and before the jazzy rap)

4. 2:15 - end (starting with 'uh, surtout........c'est dommage parce que....' and ending with 'reste....brouillon')

Listening has never been my strong suit....*sigh*. Thanks in advance!