June 6th, 2011

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Vertical writing

My Mongolian (from Inner Mongolia) friend told me that, when he was in elementary or middle school, his teacher told him that Mongolian is the only writing system that is purely vertical. I replied that Chinese, Korean, and Japanese can all be written vertically, but he said that they weren't 100% vertical because you still have to write components horizontally before continuing down vertically, whereas in Mongolian there's no horizontal writing (apart from just horizontal strokes, I presume).

Is this true? Are there other writing systems that are purely vertical?

ETA: To clarify, in CJK writing systems, it's the individual characters that are zigzagging, not the lines themselves. For instance, if you were to write 想, you would write 木, then 目, then 心, with the first two components written horizontally before you continue down vertically to the 心. Whereas in Mongolian, there's no horizontal movement before you write downward, from what I can gather from the writing.
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Ciao fellow linguaphiles!!

I have been trying to hold off starting a new language until I have gotten more fluent with my Turkish, but my longing to take on the beautiful language of Italian has just gotten too strong!

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a really good website (free please!) that clearly explains basic to advanced Italian grammar, as well as good site with soundbites so that I could work on perfecting my pronunciation. A good online English-Italian dictionary might be good too. So far, I have been using dictionary.reverso.net/english-italian/.

I have found a few sites that I would consider okay, but I have yet to find one that I could go to to answer all of my questions, or one that really explains the grammar well.


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