April 27th, 2011

Gentle Rose

Dictionaries in multiple languages?

Rec me your favorite and most trusted/correct online translators/dictionaries for different languages? Especially "multilanguage" dictionaries/translators? (i.e. I look up a word in English and it gives me the word in several other languages?) Particularly ones for Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, German, Ducth, Korean, and French (though really, any and all languages are welcome). Conlang dictionaries (Tolkien languages, Klingon, ect.) are also welcome! Basically, any really good dictionary you use. :) (Also, if there are any iPod apps for this, rec those, too?) Dictionaries for slang, vulgarities, ect. are especially also welcome.

I'm making a conlang, Anyael, and in the constructed history of the language, it just had a grammatical structure and an extremely basic vocabulary to support it, then it went public/open-source/Wiki-fied. The original intent had been a large pool of people from multiple languages to create the actual vocabulary - and that did happen, but with a ridiculous, confusing, and arbitrary etymological history behind it deriving heavily from urban legends and political jokes (i.e. "refud" (verb) deriving from refute, repudiate, and refutiate, and means to successfully refute an argument and "win", usually in the context of a political argument or a formal/semi-formal/should-be-formal-but-isn't debate, and often humiliating your opponent in the process). While the language has serious and legitimate uses, it doesn't exactly take itself seriously. :)

So I'm looking for a quick and easy way to get a word or concept in multiple languages to create a vocabulary to match, as would happen when handed over to the world, taken over and developed by what is essentially a bunch of bored college kids, then utilized by those college kids two or three decades later once they're running the business world. :D