April 1st, 2011

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Norwegian or Danish help needed!

Hi all,

I'm working on a research paper focusing on a 19th century needlework sampler. The only text is at the bottom, showing a date, a name and then words I don't have a clue about. :)

The name is likely of the woman who stitched the sampler; it's Caroline Magrede Nielsen. The collections' then-documenter (they acquired this piece in 1948) assumed she was Norwegian, but it seems possible that she could be Danish, too.

The last section? No one can read. The collections details says, "There are a few more words in Norwegian."

I have experience with tent stitch/cross stitch, so I looked at my macro shots and graphed it all out. The words are much clearer (no age stains, the unevenness of linen threads isn't a factor, the slight diagonal warp in some areas is negated, etc.).

I have three images of the chart (varying in size). I'm 99.9% sure I have all of the stitches in and where they should be. There are three spots where I really was not sure (there could be a stitch there, but the floss is about the same shade as the fabric. Also, these aren't from a language I have much experience with, so I couldn't use context to say, "yep, it's clearly an "m" in this word, so it IS a stitch"). The unsure spots are bright red instead of brown.

1 - Smallest image (so it's a bit less pixelated-looking). It's still a bit wide, so I'll put this one behind a cut.
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2 - Medium image; this is a thumbnail that links to the full size version.


3 - Largest image (again a thumbnail link).


Does anyone have any ideas for what the part after her name says? I've spent a few hours googling; I've searched in English and then found the translations for cross stitch, embroidery and alphabet (looking at .dk and .no websites). Thank you SO much!
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Summer Spanish programs

Hi all,

I'm looking to spend about two months over the summer brushing up on my Spanish skills. My reading is generally okay (I can read news and some literature without too much difficulty), but my speaking, listening, and writing are pretty awful at this point, since I haven't practiced Spanish in a year or so.

As an idea of my Spanish skills, I started taking Spanish in 8th grade, and I finished my senior year of high school with AP Spanish Literature; I got 5s on both language and literature. I didn't take Spanish again until the second semester of my sophomore year of college, during which I took an advanced composition/grammar course. I will be a college senior during fall 2011.

Currently, it looks like I'll be available between June 21 and August 15, although the latter date might end up being moved around a little. During that time, I'll be in southern California, about a 30-minute drive from Pasadena and a 25-minute drive from downtown LA. (I live in the Pomona area.)

I'm looking for a language intensive program that would probably focus primarily on conversational skills, since that's where I'm the weakest. I've looked into UCLA's summer courses, but they're like $1,500 for one Spanish course that might be redundant for me, so I'd rather not do that... and the community college courses are about $150 for the same, but I'm not sure if the level or the pace are suitable.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations! I would also consider doing online courses or textbook courses, but, since I have no problem reading and I benefit more from in-person corrections, I'd rather do something face-to-face.
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