March 26th, 2011

французишка с сижкой

usage of "en realidad" by Jews in Spanish

Hi, linguaphiles!

I have a quite specific question, and I need a Spanish-speaking Israeli or a Spanish-speaker who communicates with Hebrew people often, or a Russian-speaker who contacts Spanish-speaking Jews (sorry, I don't know if the "Jew" term is politically correct, but I'd rather use it further instead of "Hebrew" to avoid misunderstanding).

I'm reading a novel by a Jewish-Argentinian writer, who often uses the expression "en realidad", and sometimes the usage of this expression is redundant or misleading. It occured to me, that he may use it in the emphatic meaning of "still", "really", "actually" or "yet", as in "and yet it moves", and do this as if it were a typical Jewish stylistic device. Is there a Jewish tradition to overuse "en realidad" in both oral and written speech?

In Russian (which is my native language) Jews sometimes overuse a similar expression (at least they do in jokes), a particle "таки" to emphasize a verb. I'd like to know whether I'm inventing things or not about this "en realidad" expression in Spanish in the Jewish context.

Thank you very much in advance!

Привет, лингвофилы!

У меня очень специфический вопрос, на который мог бы ответить человек, часто общающийся с испаноговорящими евреями (прошу прощения, если кого-то слово "еврей" может обидеть или разозлить - мне бы этого вовсе не хотелось).

Я читаю роман аргентинского еврея (роман на испанском), и автор часто использует выражение "en realidad". Иногда по делу, а иногда, как мне кажется, просто так. Мне хотелось бы знать: это то же самое явление, как когда часто употребляют частицу "таки" для усиления глагола (он таки сказал, он таки сделал это, таки да)? Я не очень разбираюсь в еврейском вопросе, на ум только анекдоты приходят (что, конечно, не с лучшей стороны меня характеризует).

Буду очень благодарна за помощь!

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When you hear people say they are studying Pharmacology, do you think they are studying to become pharmacists? Why?

After being asked how pharmacy is going or how life is going as a pharmacist more times than I can count, I wonder why people make this connection. Some reasons I came up with are (1) They don't know that pharmacologists exist (2) Some pharmacy students (and eventual pharmacists) must be telling people that they are studying pharmacology. However, the few pharmacy students that I know (that weren't students I had to TA) say that they are studying Pharmacy.

Also, is there a job whose field of study has an additional "olog" in it (aka if "pharmacists" indeed studied "pharmacology" instead of "pharmacy")?

I would love to hear about the whole pharmacy/pharmacology distinction in other languages too.
colorful legs

Brazilian TV

Hello everyone! New member here... I found this community from wank being posted in other communities haha.

Anyway, I'm trying to learn Brazilian Portuguese and I was wondering if anyone knew of a website that has a good list of TV shows, soaps or movies in Portuguese. A website like this one comes to mind.

I tried watching a soap, Da Cor do Pecado, in Youtube but it was hard to follow with the videos being taken down all the time!

Thanks in advance :)