March 25th, 2011


Updates to the OED

Just read in this article about new additions to the OED, which obviously a big influence on the English language, that words like LOL, OMG and WAG have been added to the dictionary. Living in Spain, I have noticed uproar over the smallest rule changes made by the RAE. (like the changing of the pronouncation of the letter Y from i-griega to ye.)

A lot of commentators (and friends of mine) view the additions as a mere curiosity. Is it because speakers of English are more adaptable? The addition of the symbol "♥" is really strange to me! 

Here is a list of the updates. What do ye lingaphiles make of all this?
la vie en bleu


I bought a T-shirt at a winery in Franschhoek a few years ago that says “Shiraz met my!” and I'm wondering if there's a play on words here or if the only intended meaning is "Shiraz with me!" The typesetting leads me to believe there might be a double entendre in the Afrikaans, but it could be a purely aesthetic decision:

met my!

(And yes, I know that shiraz is a type of wine.)

Finnish question

What do --kin and taas mean here-

"Yyterissä onkin taas liian paljon väkeä"

Here, I don't understand the use of "-kin" and "taas" (lit. In Yyteri there is also too many people again"), in this sentence it doesn't seem to make sense at all to me.

It came from a dialogue in "Assimil: Le finnois sans peine"-

"Minusta on kiva lähteä jo kotiin
Niin on, Yyterissä onkin taas liian paljon väkeä

In the book there seems to be no back dialogue to indicate why he would say "too", and even the French translation didn't really explain much "A Yyteri il y a (est) encore trop [de] monde(-de)", except for confuse me still at how "encore" is used here as well. Does "again" mean something different than in English in both Finnish and French?

I'd appreciate any help here, thanks.
Nick dark genius
  • barush


Hello! I'm supposed to analyse an English text, but seeing as my linguistic skills aren't that great, I'm having a few problems.

I have sentence: "I suspected, green though I still was, that Sir Humphrey had created a potentially disastrous situation."
I want to focus on the 'green though I still was' part, because the word order is rather unusual, for me. However, I don't have the slightest idea where to start from. As in, is there any special term that could be used for it? Or any process?

The second sentence is "I was even having to run errands myself, as we were short-staffed."
I wonder why is it in the progressive aspect? Is it for emphasis or smt? Also, does "have to" admit this usage because it is semi-auxiliary?

Thank you for any help :)