March 24th, 2011

chinese translation help

So I'm having some difficulty figuring out what these two question are asking me!

1. 你出生在一个什么样的家里?

2. 你自己写过小说或者诗吗?请给大家介绍一下。

The first one is asking me, what sort of family I have? Or is it asking me where my house is?

And the second, is it asking me if I've written a story or a poem?

Thank you!

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I'm currently teaching English to Italian children and this week we're studying the present continuous. I'm trying to find a song or a poem with some good examples of the tense (I'm going, we're swimming). I'm having a bit of trouble finding appropriate songs - they're either too 'grown up' and probably not particularly interesting or not simple enough, or a bit too childish - the children are 10 and I don't want to patronise them!

It would also be helpful if the song/poem uses a bit of present simple as well - that was the last topic!

So far I have I am Sailing by Rod Stewart and Lemon Tree by Fool's Garden (which are almost the right kind of thing)

ETA: Thanks for your ideas, everyone. You've suggested some really good songs, as well as a few artists that are worth investigating further. Keep 'em coming!

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How about some happy stuff?

A few years ago, I posted links to some old family letters and post cards written in German. Several kind souls helped to translate many of these, but some of the trickier ones are still left. Would someone like to help out? Last time I made a donation to Doctors Without Borders as a way of saying thank you, and I would be glad to do the same again, or you can suggest a charity of your choice. Images below the cut.

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