March 19th, 2011

virgo bold

(no subject)

I am interested in doing some freelance Spanish/English translating. English is my native language, I'm near fluent in Spanish and have only two semesters of Spanish (one conversational and one level 300) knowledge from college. I am not 110% confident in my ability to translate perfectly, but I'm looking to expand on it. What would be the easiest way to become certified in Spanish/English translation? Does one need certification?

Any advice or personal experience (with any language) would be welcome. Thanks!
  • reka

Pronunciation of "herb."

Hello, Linguaphiles. I'm taking an introduction to sociolinguistics course right now, and there's a question that keeps bothering me, and I can't find any satisfactory answers easily.

Is there a social reason American English favors dropping the "h" in herb, while many other Englishes do not? It seems to be the older English pronunciation, yes, but does it come from that in American English? Any resources you could point me to are welcome, too, since I've found that I don't really know anywhere to start besides Google/the OED. Thank you very much!