March 13th, 2011


(Faulty) Latin Help

Hello dear linguaphiles.

For a termpaper I need to discuss modern musical receptions of a certain epic, and one of the songs I chose (or had to choose to lack of great variety) contains a Latin passage.
So far I have gathered that the Latin itself is faulty (it´s not original but translated from German back to Latin) and that I´ve become somewhat rusty at Latin as well.

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 I feel like this is a dumb questions but I'll stick with the "there is no such thing as a dumb question" maxim.

There is a feature of language that I'm sure has a label but I'm not aware of it. My friend, from Boston, pronounces all "-ing" as "-in." Is there a name for this? It's been driving me crazy!

Obscure Etymology Question for Turkish/Arabic/Tamazight Speakers

...But it's driving me to distraction (because I'm That Nerd is why), and I've asked around on a couple of language-specific boards -- and to native speakers I know, and the answer has been, "Hmm! That's a good question. I really don't know..." So I throw it out here, too.

Short question: Does anyone here know which language the Algerian-specific word "saha" -- "thank you" -- comes from? I'm thinking it is possibly from the Turkish "sağ olun," via the Ottoman Era. Does anyone who speaks Turkish think this seems to be a legitimate cognate? Barring that, is it a word that is familiar to any Arabic speakers here?

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