March 2nd, 2011

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Finnish palindromes

I saw this on Reddit: "saippuakuppinippukauppias is the longest palindrome in the Finnish language. It means "a traveling salesman specialising in selling batches of caustic soda to the soap industry"." Linguaphiles, can you please confirm? Also, what are some excellent palindromes in your language? I'm really fond of "Emily's Sassy Lime".
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to ___ is human

Hello all,

A professor of mine today tripped over the word "err". She said she'd pronounced it like "air" all her life (sorry, I really can't do IPA yet), or like the first syllable of "error" but recently had been told it should be "er" or "ur" like warm-er or Sat-ur-day.

Is this a dialect thing? Growing up in Ohio / midwestern US I always heard "air" but now I live in Massachusetts. As always, do those of you from other English-speaking countries have thoughts on the matter?