February 5th, 2011

the eye of god

Less is more

I'm trying to determine if the way comparatives stack is uniform across languages.

Like, if I say "I'm more than six years younger than my girlfriend" that means the amount of younger is more than six years. Is there any language in which the wording for this involves the word that normally means "less," as in "my age is less than (the age that is) six years younger than my girlfriend's"?

I could see this being used in, say, French ("J'ai moins de six ans moins de elle" or whatever, I don't really know French).

i feel like an alien

nah, not really>:D just want to know if there is any word from any language that defines a disease of which someone feels/suspects themselves to be alien and feels detached from the rest of the human kind? ...mmh is there any more apprpriate place to ask this question? i might want to use it as a title of an art piece. thank you for your help.

A small Finnish question

 Why is the illatiivi used in this sentence

"Ei nyt lopeteta tutkimusretkeä tähän"

I think it must be with certain kinds of verbs and location perhaps?

Similar to the use of the ablatiivi here, I'm not sure how this works.

Minä ainakin lopetan tältä päivältä

If anyone could help me it would be really great!

Arabic question

Hi everyone. In Arabic October and November are تِشرين الأوّل and تشرين الثاني and December and January are کانون الأوّل and كانون الثاني. I know that اول refers to first and ثاني to second but what are تشرين and کانون?