January 31st, 2011

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Diagramming Sentences

This was a "discussion point" given in my Language Development textbook. I would like to know your thoughts about it.
Have you ever had to diagram a complex sentence? If so, why do so many students find this activity such a challenge when they have been able to produce complex sentences since early childhood?

This question intrigued me. Why is it such a different mental task to think about syntax explicitly, versus manipulating the elements of a sentence automatically in your native language?

As a side note, if English is not your native language, did you ever diagram sentences in your native language at school? I have talked with Japanese students who said they only diagrammed sentences in English class, never in Japanese class. Is it easier or more difficult to diagram sentences when studying a second (third, etc.) language? Why wouldn't sentence diagramming be used in a Japanese class--is it purely cultural or is there a linguistic reason why it wouldn't be fruitful?
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two Latin words

Someone must surely have done it, but can anyone point me to any discussion of the etimology, meaning ond social context of the two Latin words magister and minister, whose relationship seems obvious?
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Georgian flag question

on this website i've found a photo [#16] of a flag with inscription in Georgian, unfortunatelly it's not entirely visible, and i know no Georgian, so i ask you for help: what does this inscription mean? and, by chance, do you know what organisation does this flag represent?

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what i managed to decipher:
?რთიანი საქართველოსთ?

also, some letters on the flag are not the same as normal mkhedruli letters, they are a little bit more like capital letters, for example the second letter: is it a version of ო? [i tried googling "Mtavruli", but all findings seem to be of the old Asomtavruli alphabet.]

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Who here has used a tutor to learn a language from scratch? Thoughts? How long did you stick to it, what were your goals, is it worth it?

Obviously a massive amount of language acquisition is done on your on time and energy, but I'm interested in long term investment in a couple new languages, and have considered the advantages/disadvantages of one on one time with a tutor. Mostly because when it comes down to it, in classes with other people I always feel that the pace is about ten times slower than what is profitable for me. I suppose it's the same for a lot of you here, but there are just a lot of reasons why classes are starting to seem less and less like time effectively spent. I don't need to be told what second person plural means, or what a conjunction is, and I don't need to do exercises identifying where object pronouns are in English sentences in order to be able to understand that they are placed before the verb in French. Hopefully you get my point. So I'm wondering if you all have found learning with a tutor to be very time efficient in this regard. Thanks very much for your feedback!

P.S. Also would appreciate thoughts on tutor vs. self-study. I'm mostly afraid of self-study because I don't want to teach myself a million things wrong with no one there to correct me.