January 25th, 2011


Arabic Help?


I just started a bi-term Arabic 101 class that meets every day and I've already run into a problem. My DVD doesn't work and, because my book was used, I can't register it through the website in order to complete assignments and listen to the exercises. (I've emailed both the website and instructor in those regards, by the way)

I've found so far this and this, but I honestly don't have the time to search more between other class readings and memorization.

I come to this wonderful comm, hoping for some help to supplement for the listening exercises if I'm unable to have the problem fixed. The book teaches Modern Standard Arabic and the first listening exercise is over the alphabet - I have found two, but both are with a male voice, and I feel like I need to hear a female voice in order to mimic it. Advice, recommendations, an access code for Al-Kitaab's Alif Baa anything would be incredibly helpful. 

Thank you a thousand times in advance.
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  • amles80

Writing course?

Hi, just a quick question (I hope!) about French.

I have to write a short presentation in French (for a class) and I’d like to know how I say “creative writing class/course”.

I’m thinking “j’ai suivi un cours d’écriture creative” but I don’t know…
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Could someone translate this (Italian) comment for me?

Hello everyone. I recently gave a response to a Yahoo! Answers question about space colonization, and when the Best Answer was chosen, the asker gave two comments: one in English (a simple thank you for a helpful answer), and a lengthier one in Italian, which I don't speak. If anyone hear would care to translate, I'd be very grateful! :)

Here it is:

Ho chiesto perché si è bloccata la colonizzazione umana dello spazio, ed in questa risposta trovo un'ottima spiegazione sui motivi per cui di fatto non è mai iniziata. Risaliamo alla guerra fredda quando sembrava un sogno ravvicinato, etc ...

Given what I know of Spanish and English, all I can figure is there's (obviously) a reference to "space" and "colonization" in there, and what I would guess to be some sort of reference to "war" (?), possibly referencing the Cold War, which I brought up in my response ("fredda" looks to me, though I can't 100% recall why, like it could refer to freezing or something cold. Is it close to something in Spanish? I haven't studied it in a while, I think my vocabulary is slipping!)? Other than that, all I can pick out are words like "quando" (if it's similar to Spanish, it's "when"), and "un" and "la" that are useless out of context. :P

Here it is in the original context, if you need it.

Grazie! ;)