January 8th, 2011

  • joho07


I just saw the word "reëlect" in an article. I have never seen this letter being used in English.

What is the meaning of the "ë" when used in an english word? It it like an acute accent? Where does it come from?


Brothers-in-arms in other languages

It's expressly permitted in the rules or I'd just do a workaround!  :)

Character in my fic is going to be awarded a title based on the word-concept "brothers-in-arms".  However, in the setting such titles are typically single words.  Ignoring hyphens I can only find one language in which that is a single word, German, and I'll have a little fun joking about how nearly anything can be a single word in German! 

That said, I've poked through a couple online translators and not been happy with the results.  They tend to return the three words literally and separately, and I'm looking for concept.  For example "esprit de corps" has the same meaning and would be perfect if it were a single word.  I've tried "brothers-in-arms" in search engines and keep hitting the video games and movie, and I'm having a hell of a time excluding all the false results.

So if you please--if you know of any single word, in any language, that puts across the concept of brothers in arms, of the spirit of becoming like family because you've fought next to someone or worked with someone through hazardous conditions, could you tell me what word that is?