October 27th, 2010

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In light of the movie that just came out about Serge Gainsbourg, I was listening to some of his songs. I know that there is a lot of wordplay in his lyrics, and irony in his songs, which makes it quite difficult to understand for me. Can someone help me with these lyrics, and maybe tell me which point he was trying to make with this song, if any?

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Apartment in the attic?

Hello, dear linguaphiles!

I'm having a bit of trouble with finding a proper and/or common English term for a specific type of an apartment. The apartment I have in mind is located in the attic, just under the roof (a pitched roof, to be exact), and at least one of the walls is either wholly or partially at an angle because of the roof. Here, have a picture to see what I mean: click!
Now, in Slovene, the language I'm translating from, the term is "mansardno stanovanje" and the area under the non-vertical wall is called "mansarda", but having done a bit of research, "mansard" doesn't appear to hold the same meaning in English.
"Loft" or "loft apartment" isn't quite a perfect match either, as loft apartments don't necessarily have sloped walls and are more of an open space. "Mansarda" is just a regular apartment, but smaller and under the roof, and loft doesn't quite match, or does it?
Some dictionaries propose "garret", but I'm not so sure it's a very common term.
Would it just be an "attic apartment" after all? Is there even such a term in English? And if there isn't, how do I get the concept across as efficiently as possible? I do hope you're able to help as I haven't found a definite answer anywhere so far.

Simplified Arabic news sites


I've been reading Al-Jazeera to practice my Arabic, but I'm still far from proficient enough to read it without lots of dictionary time and I also am not familiar enough with it to know if I am pronouncing the words correctly.  Are there any news sites or newspapers geared toward Arabic learners that have simpler words and include vowels?  I know such a thing exists for Hebrew.

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Maintainer note: Anonymous commenting disabled

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Can someone help me with what this man is saying in this video? I understand parts of it, but unfortunately not all of it. I wrote down all the things I (assume) I understood correctly. If you could help me out with the rest, that would be great!

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