October 15th, 2010


help me bushwhack through a sentence

I am a native English speaker reading The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, and -- I might just be sleep-deprived -- but I'm having a lot of difficulty parsing this (bolded) piece of text:

"The good thing, after all, was that we should surely see no more of him." (paragraph break) "This was not so good a thing, I admit, as not to leave me to judge that what, essentially, made nothing else much signify was simply my charming work."

Can anybody clarify what the narrator means? The two instances of "not," combined with "nothing," are making my head go round. I don't think it's integral to my understanding of the story, but it always bugs me to completely miss out on a sentence like this. The first line in the third paragraph of chapter four.

Brazilian Portuguese Immersion

 I took a quick jaunt through the memories, but I didn't see anything for Portuguese immersion.

I'm an American English speaker, L2 Spanish, and I'm interested in doing a short-term immersion program in Brazilian Portuguese (6 weeks or less - my job won't permit more than that). I'm an absolute beginner, currently teaching myself from textbooks and the odd lesson on livemocha or myhappyplanet.com.

Does anyone have experience with a reliable, grammar-based immersion program in Brazil? Googling leads me to some shady-looking websites, and I'd prefer not to do an expensive, US-based travel program. Second-hand experience and hear-say welcome!

Obrigada in advance!
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Latin question

Hello, how do you pluralize taxinomical names? The one in question is Melopsittacus undulatus. Is the capitalization correct? Thank you.

Edit: Thanks for your help <3.
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