October 10th, 2010

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American Sign Language help? D:

Hello everyone! :) I am needing some help with ASL....

I am trying to learn "Fireflies" by Owl City. Here is the link to the youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlxPp0vAniY

2:27-2:29 is where I'm having a problem. The glossing around that time period is I CAN FIND SEVERAL, {JAR} CATCH, I KEEP. ......... What the heck is that finger crossing thing? Haha, he does it so quickly that I can't follow.

I'm only a few weeks into ASL I so I'm a bit new to all of this. :(

Any help you can offer would be great! I have tried using ASLPro.com's dictionary but just... uh, something is NOT matching up haha.

English - A curious case of "r"

I recently noticed that my mother inserts an "r" sound into the word "wash" such that it sounds like [wAr\S]. I haven't heard anyone else say it like this. We live in Houston, TX and she grew up in Dallas, Texas and is 60 years old. I'm wondering if this is unique to her or if this phenomenon is common for those of her age and place of birth.

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Choosing the wrong kanji in text message

Hi everyone,

I'm writing a story set in Japan, and one of my Japanese characters is a very sloppy typist – when sending text messages by mobile phone, he often chooses the wrong kanji by mistake and doesn't correct the error before sending.

Unfortunately, I don't speak Japanese, so searching for likely typos in online dictionaries is a very risky business for me. ;-)

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Maybe someone here can help me with this issue? I would be very grateful for suggestions – especially suggestions that are easy to base a pun on!

ETA: Since I evidently wasn't very clear on this, what I am hoping for are suggestions for Japanese words that start with the same sounds as those words the character is attempting to type - words that he can then choose from the cell phone's predictive text feature by mistake.

A Russian to English translation: 'Mother' by Arkady Averchenko

Respectfully requesting this community's help with this bit of translation.

Аркадий Аверченко, "Мать" - Russian original.
My translation of parts I, II into English.
My translation of part III

I am Russian and input is welcome from both sides, English and Russian speakers alike. Grammatical errors, inaccurate translations, word choice etc. - whatever is wrong with it. This is - quite obviously - not a professional work but an excercise, and should be treated as such, i.e. torn apart without mercy.
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This might be a bit of a long shot, but...does anyone here know of a decent translation program that can translate from Darija (North African Arabic)? Or, even more of a long shot...one that can handle Kabyle, or even any other Tamazight language? Something free, and online or readily downloadable would be optimum, but I can't seem to find even a "premium" one that clearly has it as a language.

None of the standard programs I've tried seem to even recognize Darija as a form of Arabic -- and therein lies the problem, because Darija isn't mutually intelligible with other dialects of Arabic. While I have a couple of online resources for learning Darija and even some rudimentary Kabyle, it would be great to have something to handle the thornier stuff so I don't have to request conversational messages be translated into English or French...and so I can actually learn on my own a bit.

Saha bezef :) ("Thanks very much" being one of the phrases I *do* know)
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BRB in French?

A quick check of Wikipedia and Wiktionary indicates that BRB (for "be right back") appears widely understood and used in French-speaking online communities, and doesn't mention any obvious equivalent acronym in French. Is anyone here aware of one? (Preferably one that would be readily understood across French-speaking communities, not something specific to one of fr_BE/fr_CA/fr_CH/fr_FR and not understood elsewhere.)