October 8th, 2010


japanese help

Hello, me again ^^U
I got a responso to an e-mail I sent to a fans club (FT) asking for my membership card which I need to pick up my tickets for a concert, but the e-mail is too long for me to understand :S I think it says to pick it up the day of the concert, but I'm not too sure.
I know I ask too much, but if anyone could just tell me something, anything the e-mail says it would be great :)

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Deutsch! Hessisch?

I know a little shop called 'Owerläwe'. It used to be located above a grocery store, and I had assumed it was some sort of old German or Hessian phrase for something like 'Oberladen'. My German husband who studied the German language isn't sure. Any ideas?


I have a document which is issued to me

"On this 22th day of April, 2008."

I personally think this is a mistake, but I cannot prove it to my friend. Any suggestions of some online reliable source of grammar rules, where this issue is addressed explicitly?


If I say Yesterday turns into Tomorrow and in a day it turns into Today...does that make sense?  Or does "in a day turns into today" make it sound like two days have passed, not one, making the end date still tomorrow?  

I've thought about it too much that now I'm confused.