September 17th, 2010

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Russian machine translation help

Usually, when I need just a general idea, I hop over to Google Translate. I know it can be horrible, but for unimportant things that I'm just idly curious about, like certain song lyrics or comments on websites, it does the job.

However, I just attempted to use Google Translate with the song lyrics for "Mona Lisa" by Russian-Japanese artist ORIGA.

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It outputted utter gibberish, a combination of romanization and a few English words that seem unconnected. I mean, one of the only Russian words I know is "Дa", "yes". Google Translate translated it as "Nay".

So, I started looking for another machine translator. I can't find ANYTHING that works. I have tried like six different ones now.

I'm wondering if there's something weird in the encoding. If you copy and paste "Да! Дa!", Google translate says "Yes Nay". I took the latter from my lyrics source, and the former by translating "yes" into Russian via Google Translate and copy pasting it back. They look almost but not quite identical. The first letter of each both redirect to the article "De (Cyrillic)" on Wikipedia. For the second letter, the first redirects to "A (cyrillic)" but the second just goes to "A". I'm really confused.

Thus I have two questions:
1. Are the lyrics I have real Russian or not?
2. Does anyone know of an online machine translator that can take what I have and make it into some approximation of English?

Edit: Thanks to everyone for their help! I managed to fix the lyrics by using find + replace to replace Latin characters with Cyrillic, and Google Translate works now. I put the fixed lyrics in a comment, if anyone is interested in comparing them. To my eyes they look basically identical. I find this fascinating! Any human speaker can immediately read it, but a computer can't. Limitations of technology...
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What language is this song in?

Thank you for your help with my last post, everyone. I'm still trying to identify the languages in my music collection.

Lastest problem:

Kaissa is a multilingual artists with roots in Cameroon. This song has me stumped. I can't find the lyrics or additional information anywhere.

Kaissa - Wa

Does anyone recognize the language or have an album with liner notes that gives the language?