September 15th, 2010


Name translation request

My first and middle name are both rather common, so figuring them out in other languages isn't too hard, as there are standard forms to work with. My last name, however, I'm having a bit more trouble figuring out.

I'm looking for "Baptist" translated across as many languages as the community cares to cover. I'd been using Wiki article titles such as "John the Baptist" and "Baptist church" to guide my guessing so far, but there's only so much I've been able to figure out on that without having to resort to pure guesswork. If possible, it'd be awesome to know if a translation is based on the meaning of the word, rather than phonetics.

Thanks in advance!

Learning English

 Hi everyone, 
I lurk a lot, so I'll do a quick background - I'm 23, L1 AmEng and L2 Spanish.  I teach introductory Spanish in the US public school system.  I lurk a lot because I tend to study other languages superficially, so I don't know answers to questions, I just like to read about them.  

Speaking of questions...This is not the kind of thing I see often in this community, so if I'm way off please let me know.  I have a brand new student in my small, rural, 98% Caucasian, English-speaking middle school.  He is from Puerto Rico and speaks no English.  I am the only teacher in the school who is proficient in a second language, so the student is currently all mine.  I'm currently working on my MA in ESL, but I literally just started this week, so my ability to help in that arena is severely limited.  

So far we've done the alphabet, numbers 1-100, very basic introduction words, Dolch sight words, and we're starting on the verb "to be."  Explicit instruction is not an issue as we communicate well in Spanish.  He's highly motivated to learn English and is doing a great job, despite my own poor teaching.  My school has no ESL materials or policy for treating ELL students, and they're seriously considering giving him Rosetta Stone in lieu of proper English instruction.  I'm really worried about this kid, and I want to do all the right things.  

Could anyone recommend materials, textbooks, websites, curricula for absolute basic beginner English?

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Hello linguaphiles!

I would like recs for Latin grammar/self study books - the amount of choice I have is very confusing! This is the situation: I am currently in France, on my year abroad, and have chosen to take a Latin module. I'm a native BrEnglish speaker and I'm not sure how well I will cope with learning a another language. I want a sort of self study book, so that I can go over points I haven't managed to grasp. Also, I'm only in France for one semester; I'm going to be studying in Italy next semester and I'm not sure if they have a similar module. I'd like a book that can sustain me over these months, until I get back to my 'normal' uni next September.

I'd like a book that explains grammar in an interesting way, with perhaps a few key phrases etc (I'm *not* looking for a holiday style phrase book - although why would you need Latin on holiday? haha) Any recommendations?