September 12th, 2010

"to make money" origins?

Does anybody know what are the origins of the phrase "to make money?"

I have heard it so much that it never occurred to me until today that it is not literal in meaning. When you make money you do not literally print out the paper and cut out the shapes, etc.

Is it English-only or does it exist in other languages? Any ideas?

Sid and Nancy

Please help me with a couple of short dialogues I cannot get the meaning of. They are from 'Sid and Nancy' movie (a biopic of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen).

1. A group of punks are sitting bored at the Sex Pistols gig.

Punk #1: I'm bored! I could be standing over at lions and, like, pulling.
Punk #2: Punks don't go out pulling.They go to f*** boring gigs like this.

2. Sid and Nancy are at a methadone clinic taking methadone.

The Man at the Clinic: You guys got no right to be strung out on that stuff (referring to methafone, perhaps). You could be selling healthy anarchy. But long as you're addicts, you'll be full of shit.

Thanks in advance.

music, serious face

Identifying languages in music

I like to tag my music with the language it's in, if I know it. This is a big project, because I have a lot of music where I just can't tell. I'll probably be posting more questions, but for now -

- Is anyone familiar with Sister Marie Keyrouz? She's released several albums of Christian music from the Middle East. Most songs are Semitic languages; a few seem to be in Greek.

I can't identify for sure the Semitic languages used as I haven't studied any. I can find out what it's most likely to be but I don't like to tag something unless I'm sure. I hope some of you either have the liner notes and there's more information there, or you can tell what language the title tracks are.

Maronite Chant Track list (probably mostly Syriac? if you can say "not arabic" that also helps, that makes it much more likely to be Syriac)

Melchite Chants track list (probably mostly Arabic except for the first one?)
alice and hatter

Korean translation

Hey! I recently ordered a recycled tote bag, and the one I received has some Korean writing on it. I was hoping someone here would be able to translate it for me! A picture of the bag is in the comments, because I don't trust my html skills enough to make an lj cut without embarrassing myself (I hope that's okay!). Thanks for your help!

Dutch Communities

Hello lovely Linguaphiles! Does anyone know of any Dutch language communities, perhaps similar to denglish for German? I have a ton of questions but I don't want to flood this comm with them. I've done some searches for everything I can think of, and all I've got is some comms for Russians which is of no use to me.

If there aren't any going I might set one up, in which case I'll need some native speakers.

Thanks everyone :)

EDIT: Say hello to nederlandsetaal which I believe is the first community solely dedicated to Dutch language. I've never moderated a comm before, so if a native speaker would kindly co-mod it with me, I'd be forever grateful :)