September 5th, 2010


Counting question

One of the comments in the gray/grey thread got me thinking about something I'd been meaning to ask about here on and off for a while.

When counting in English, it's not necessarily uncommon to just drop the 10s and just say the 1s digit until something more significant changes (e.g. thirty, one, two three...forty, one, two...fifty, and so on). However, one habit I've picked up over the years when counting is that I tend to do a similar cycle, but based on 20s instead of 10s. Can't say right offhand without some observer bias what I do at the end of each loop, but I believe I note the increments on the 20s (thus, 10, 20, 10 (30), 40, 10 (50), 60, and so on).

Does anyone else out there have similar quirks in their counting habits?

'amphitheater' mispronounciation

I'm planning a trip to the archaeological ruins of Rome, Pompeii, etc., and have of course come across the word 'amphitheater' about a billion times. And I've realized I just can't wrap my head around the correct pronunciation; 'amPitheater' is burned into my brain, and I have no idea why.

Here's what WSU has to say about it:
The classy way to pronounce the first syllable of this word is “amf-,” but if you choose the more popular “amp-” remember that you still have to include the H after the P when spelling it.

And that's all I can find on the subject. Is 'amp' really more popular, and if so, any idea why?

'grocery store' in Italian

I'm planning a trip to Rome, Naples, and the surroundings and I'd like to locate a few grocery stores in these city centers to put on my Google maps. I tried 'grocery store', which didn't work so well, and 'Negozio di Alimentari' which gave me two sorts of results: shops with words like 'tropical', 'zoo', and 'animali' in the name, and also several results with the word 'di' in the name but not 'negozio' or 'alimentari'.

If y'all could please provide me with a better phrase to search for, or even just some common grocery store chain names in Rome and Naples, I would be grateful! Thanks!