August 12th, 2010

Greetings and a teeny request

Hello all!

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself on this rather shibby community which, for some reason, had escaped my notice until now. I also, somewhat shamefully, would like to ask for some assistance from you. It's awful when someone comes along and immediately wants something, isn't it? Rest assured though I'll be contributing (hopefully coherently) to the community at a later date; once my life is no longer being eaten by an MA, I'll have the chance to talk to people and everything. They might even let me out the house!

Anyways. I was wondering if anybody in this community is a native Korean speaker, or knows any native Korean speakers. I would like (=desperately need) to find some people to partake in a study I'm doing, for the aforementioned MA. Essentially it's a short list of Korean words that I would like your input on. Doesn't sound like much, but my entire dissertation is to be about the results, once I am able to get them.

Any help on this would be greatly, muchly appreciated. It's been amazingly hard to find any speakers (Korea does exist, right? Or have I been severely misled?) and once I do the study, I can get on with the writing and stop freaking out about the deadline.

Many kimchi-flavoured thanks,
The Captain

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Japanese, again.

Hi, I'm writing a short composition titled: "Kinou-no ichinichi" and I think I could use some help with it. I'm a beginner, so it's really simple, so don't laugh XD

(BTW, I wrote it in roumaji, I still can't fathom out what the Japanese keayboard is about)

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And BTW as I'm posting an entry anyway, I'm not sure about the particles -de and -ni used with places. Is there any rule regarding them? Also, is there some fixed order of using words with particles in a sentence? (like, I dunno: to - de (place) - ni (tool) etc.?)

europe 1

French grammar

hi guys, i know this might be a bit trivial compared to other grammar problems but i've never learnt how to differentiate between using de and de la/de l'/du/des. actually even my teacher (i'm in high school) finds it hard.

is there a rule of thumb or is it kind of random?