July 28th, 2010


The 2010 Linguathon is beginning!

Hello all,

The 2010 Linguathon is just around the corner! For those of you who haven't participated before, Linguathon is a month-long challenge in which everyone first chooses a target language (or languages) to learn, and then tries to progress as far as possible in their language studies over the course of a month. It's sort of like a NaNoWriMo for languages, except that we all come up with our own lists of goals and draw up plans to meet them before the end of the month. The object is to keep a constant pace by doing a little bit of language study every single day; to that end, we track our progress through daily logs in which everyone reports what they accomplished that day, as well as connecting (commiserating?) with others who are studying the same language.

This year's Linguathon will begin on Sunday, August 1st at 00:00 in your time zone, and will last until Tuesday, August 31st at 23:59 (again, in your time zone). Any studying you do between those times counts toward your goal!

Our community is at linguathon. Come by and introduce yourself! Meet others who are studying your target language! We'd love to have as many participants as we can get.
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Hi all, I haven't really posted here before but always find the posts interesting! ;)
I was wondering if any of you are technical as well as linguists...? I'm mainly just the linguist part, unfortunately.
Basically...I recently got a new computer, which has Windows 2007. I cannot figure out how to add languages on Window 2007. I have looked at help sites but they aren't much help. They keep wittering on about language packages. Do I have to pay for some extra package so I can have more than one language on here? It was so much easier with Windows 2003...
Thanks in advance!


Managed to do it now, but thanks for all the replies! :) It is Windows 7 (I'm not good with names of things either!). I don't know what I was looking at before but I just couldn't figure it out before, but just now I've managed to do it. I am fine with it being input languages, I don't really need the display to be in another language. :)

Spanish help!

Can you guys clarify a translation for me? I believe the Spanish translation of "crack the sky" (as in break or shatter) would be "grieta el cielo", yes? Or maybe "se grieta el cielo"? Just want to make sure, or if I'm even using the correct verb.

Thanks in advance!

Check over French and Italian translation

I'm mildly embarrassed to be posting this here, but...would you mind looking over a translation into French and Italian that I did for work? (I read both fluently, but am never confident in my ability to write/speak.)

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I have other such forms to translate, so I may be posting those as well. *hides in a corner from embarrassment*