July 21st, 2010

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German speakers please

Hello, I'm trying to decipher what this book is on Google Books. It's some sort of music catalog but I can't make sense of the content. I'm specifically eyeballing page 269 which is part of the Bravo section. What is that? Danke!

PS: What is the German word for "archive", noun form? Thank you.
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(no subject)

I'm interested in studying Greek and Latin to further my morphological understanding in English and Romance languages. Latin is easy and comes in Classical form only at my institution. Greek is offered in separate Attic and Demotic courses.

I don't need to achieve usable proficiency in Greek, just to expand my language background. Which would you recommend that I take?


I am just new here. a friend linked my poll on the spelling
of "dilemma/dilemna" and there were a good many responses from
you folk...

I wonder if those interested in that problem would be
interested in my line of research (if that is the word for
it) today leading to the invention of the word
dilemniscate which ,if adopted, would give us
a fully legitimate "dilemn" at least.

It is in my own entry today.

Unfortunately my journal defaults
do not allow comment except from friends, though new friends
always welcome...


trying to find the perfect word

is there any word for this in english or any other language?
i was writing a fanfiction when i realized i need 3 lines to explain this:

what's the word for putting something against something else and not applying any pressure at all? just connecting it. um. i connect my fingers to the apple doesn't sound right though.
i tried thesaurus dot com but can't find any word i like.

i think the closest word i want in indonesian will be "menempelkan" (it's not really poetic though), but in my dictionary there's only "to adhere" as translation, which will be far from the meaning i want...

thank you for your help.

ps: so it's "touch" and "place". what else?
KayVee is swish and that's the deal.


Quick question:

In the compound 少子化社会対策会議, should 社会 be treated as a suffix of 少子化, or a prefix of 対策? I'd have said the latter, but I can imagine 少子化社会 being current terminology.

TIA. :)

EDIT: Oh wow, wait, no, actually, it's almost certainly the former. D'oh. But clarification is appreciated nonetheless. :P
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online German learning resources?

Hi, this should be easy.

I'm looking for a friend (and possibly myself) for online German language instruction (reading, writing, and/or audio) for someone who already has a basic understanding of German. My friend has already found the Deuschewelle and Rosetta Stone sites, but is looking for other sources if they exist.