July 18th, 2010


Kangaroo history or Polyglot Beginner's Dictionary )

In 1994 I met with my new neighbour, son of Cossack immigrant. As I thought he might be a thief, I asked him in Russian what he was doing in my neighbour's dacha. He answered something in French. My French was (and now is) bad enough to say: "Je ne parle pas français. S'il vous plaît répéter en anglais". He didn't speak English eventhough his former wife was Irish, I was told year later. Then we talked by means of his French-Russian dictionary.

Let's write these magic words ;-/  
pronounciation is desirable if not latin script, and you can add d), e), etc
Great thanks in advance. Especially if it will help

English: a) I don't understand b) I don't speak English c) please repeat in ...

Russian: Я не понимаю. Я не говорю по-русски. Повторите, пожалуйста, по-английски
a) Ya n'e po-ni-mA-yu. b) Ya n'e go-vo-r'U po rUs-ki c) Pov-to-rEE-t'e po-zhA-lus-ta po ang-LEEy-ski

I always said "No comprendo" to Spanish speaking tourists. Now, after searching by G or Y, I cannot remember the use of  "entiendo" in tens of Spanish dialects.  So, both of the phrasses in Spanish
a) No entiendo. No comprendo

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So I posted this on lafrancophonie and I dunno if no one knew, or if everyone hates me there, but I forgot there are plenty of people that would know here!!

I am in the process of apartment searching in paris (a tedious one if you know) and have been hitting a lot of Haussmannien apartments. Now, I know what the word means, but is there a connotation to the word/living in a Haussmannien structure?

For instance, I'm thinking of Gossip Girl, when Blair Waldorf wants her Columbia apartment to be pre-war rather than post-war... :D

Merci beaucoup!