July 16th, 2010

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Arabic 'ayn with two dots?

 In Al-Kitaab, I keep seeing the word for "drill" (as in a group of exercises) being as عرين with two dots on top of the initial ع. I've been googling and searching quite a bit and I can't figure out what that letter is. Care to enlighten me? :)
not insane--squirrel

English nouns acting as adjectives?

Hello again! Another question for you all: Is there a name for the construction used in English when a noun acts as an adjective? For example, "Close the closet door, please," where closet is usually a noun but is modifying door as an adjective would.

To me, this is different than hendiadys (which I learned in Latin class) such as "I admired her beauty and her body" which translates to English as "I admired her beautiful body."

I feel like this question may be unclear... Sorry!