July 11th, 2010


Whereabouts of the Heart (japanese question)

recently i read this line twice: "Whereabouts of the Heart"
both of them are written by a japanese and the text has been translated to english.
does anyone know the original japanese line for it? (unfortunately i can't find the original text)
maybe "kokoro no aridokoro"? "kokoro no aribasho"?
and what does it mean actually?

French videos for instruction?

Can anyone recommend a website or resource for finding videos of native speakers speaking French? I am teaching an intro. French class and am hoping to show some clips so students can listen for words they know, try to understand dialogues, etc. However, everything I've found on YouTube has been pretty sketchy, aside from Disney cartoons. I'm hoping for simple conversation or people introducing/talking about themselves or basic topics - the videos don't necessarily have to be instructional, and it'd be great to find some of young people! Thanks for any suggestions. =)


Hello everyone. My name is Yu-Chun and I am sixteen this year. I live in Taiwan and my mother toungue is Mandarin Chinese. I understand English and a little Fukien dialect as many Taiwanese do. 

I know it sounds ironic when I say I'm interested in language but in fact I know so few of them (just...one?). I'm not a terrific English speaker, either, but I'm really trying to boost my vocabulary by reading. Most Taiwanese high schools do not have courses for languages as French, Spanish, Latin, etc. I realize that many students my age in other countries know so many more languages, like many of you, so I thought it was time for myself to look for access to another language.

I love the idea of learning a new language. Whenever I'm trying to look up this word in a dictionary, all the way I'm searching for it I'd spot other new words, and I'd really stop to read the whole definition underneath them. I wonder if everyone else does, too? I guess, what I'm trying to say is, if I really had the opportunity to learn other languages, or if I were actually taking these courses, I'd be very excited about the whole idea and I'd learn it with much passion.  I plan to learn German as the next language (although I can't speak German, at all, like, I'm not even sure how to pronounce the alphabet correctly), and perhaps French or Japanese.

So I was thinking I'd join this community.

A bit more middle-afternoonish

I was reading an article about Syd Barrett, and claims that he had synthaesthesia. The author gives this quote from Syd from a recording session as proof of his synthaesthesia.

"Perhaps we could make the middle darker and maybe the end a bit more middle-afternoonish [because] at the moment, it's too windy and icy"

Is it just me, or is that just a perfectly normal way to describe how some music sounds?