July 10th, 2010

Translation of a poem from Japanese into English

This is my recent favorite poem. Mizuumi (The Lake) by a famous Japanese poet, late Ms Ibaragi Noriko.

I’ve translated it into English, but as always, something is missing. Roughly the poem in Japanese says something like that, but especially the poem is really hard to translate...coz I have to read between the line and need to express the air which the author wanted to express without the direct words...and also make up a rhyme is important. Please give me some advice! Thanks!


<だいたいお母さんてものはさ/ しいん /としたところがなくちゃいけないんだ>
田沢湖のように深く青い湖を/かくし持っているひとは/話すとわかる 二言 三言で
早くもそのことに/気づいたらしい/小さな/二人の/娘たちよ  …「おんなのことば」より

The lake

‘You know...the ideal mother should be calm and silent’
Oh I heard nice words!
Well....It’s not just the characteristics for the ideal type of mothers
But also for everyone
We all need to have a silent lake deep in our heart
I can tell who owns that lake
Those who have a lake secretly inside their heart, a silent lake just like Tazawa, deep and blue
I can tell who is the one by just exchanging a few words with him/her
She is someone who is completely calm and quiet
and her lake would neither increases nor decreases
her only lake
The lake which no one can step in easily, a lake of devil
Seems education and qualification are not important for the lake
One’s charm is probably coming from there
The fog would probably emit from there
They already discovered that
My dear two small daughters...
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Quick and Friendly Spanish Help Please?

Rather impulsively, I decided to take Spanish 102 in my freshman year of college - this upcoming semester. The problem is that I'm afraid my class was too lax in high school, so I was hoping this amazing community could help me out.

I'm assuming that I should really work on classroom instructions, which we never used in class, and just general review. Is it possible that someone out there would know a good list on classroom instructions used or anything else I should walk into the class brushed up on completely?

Thank you for your help ^^ 

Korean Craig

I was out for Korean food last night and someone mentioned my boyfriend by name. Upon overhearing it the waitress said, "Your name is Craig." When he replied in the affirmative, she just giggled.

When we left, she was all, "Bye, CRAIG!" More giggles.

Certainly the most interesting part of the evening, but we were all at a loss as to why she might have found his name so funny, beyond her personal psychoses.

Any guesses? We didn't know if there was some crazy Korean pun going on or if she just loved some dork named Craig once.