June 26th, 2010


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Hey guys.

My boyfriend is a huge fan of the show Burn Notice and he was wondering if you could help him with a tiny mystery. The show's Wikipedia page lists international versions of the show. Most of the titles at least vaguely relate to the subject of the show- with one exception: the Hungarian airing of the show is listed as being called "Minden lében négy kanál" which was translated as "All Four Spoons of Juice." 

Neither of us know anything about Hungarian, but we are assuming this is an idiom that does not translate to English in the slightest. Playing with some basic online translators seems to indicate that the translation is roughly correct (he got the idea that perhaps "juice" should have been "soup," as we are not sure why juice would ever be in a spoon, but that doesn't seem to be the case).

Can anyone help shed some light on this? Is it, in fact, an idiom? What the heck does it mean?
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Hera Alexandra

I have come across a mention of the name Alexandra as being an attribute of the Greek goddess Hera, and meaning "protectress of men" (in battle). I am, however, having trouble finding any reference to it. Does anyone know anything about this use of the name?
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Sanskrit book and store sign in unfamiliar language

So I've decided to start learning Sanskrit, and today I got Michael Coulson's Teach Yourself Sanskrit from the library. I checked previous entries and I couldn't really find much, so I was wondering what people thought of it. Is there a significantly better book out there that's not incredibly difficult to get in the US, or is it not so bad?

Also, I was walking past a store the other day (closed, unfortunately, so I couldn't just go in and ask) so I couldn't ask about a sign they had posted. My guess is that it's in Gujarati, but I'm not sure. What does it say (the part you can see, anyway)?

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