June 24th, 2010

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A couple of days ago, I happened to overhear a conversation in which a guy was complimenting a girl on her educational achievements and job ambitions by calling her a "Karrierefrau", which can loosely be translated as "career woman" into English.

Now, I was trying to find the english equivalent to this, but am not sure there even is a direct equivalent.
The opinions I get on this are mixed, so I this goes out to all english speakers here - is there?

Also, what this sparked was a whole discussion on why a woman focusing on her career is apparently special enough to get its own word(s) while nobody seems to consider that for men focusing on their careers. (At least in German, the word "Karrieremann" does not seem to exist.)

Does this concept exist in your language and does it go both ways, as in, is there a word for both "career-oriented" males and females?

--If this was confusing, let me know and I'll try to explain better. :)

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