June 22nd, 2010


EFL credentials.

I've been doing enough informal ESL/EFL work that I'd like to pursue formal training leading to a credential. TEFL International has been consistently popping up at the top of searches. They seem to have an expansive and well-developed online network for all their international sites.

However, I can't find any information that verifies their reputation, whether their credentials are respected, etc.

Would any of you have experience or information to share?
  • fynoda

Word question

Thanks for your help with my Aves question before this! I have another word inquiry for you guys. "Expatriate" means someone who is living in a different country, so what is the word for someone who is living in another state? Thanks in advance~.

Turkish help!

Hello Linguaphiles!

I am writing to y'all today for some help in translation. Here's the deal: My American friend has been dating a Turkish guy online for quite a while. Because of some circumstances, he has lost trust in her and wants to end the relationship. But she is a trustworthy friend who is crazy about him, and I want to let him know. Does anyone feel like translating part of this soap opera into Turkish for me? I don't want to write in English for a few reasons: pragmatically, his English is good but not spectacular; also, i want to communicate something so personal with him in his language. Plus, I'm a linguaphile (Duh).

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Thank you so much Linguaphiles! If you would like a favor in return I feel qualified to help you with your English and French needs!
  • joho07


I've been learning Russian almost 4 Semesters now, and would like to watch some movies in Russian. I've watched "Возвращение" and "Кукушка", which I understood quite well. At least I didn't have much trouble understanding the plot line, although I did not understand every word. Can anyone recommend Russian movies similar to this, with simple dialog?

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So I added El Mundo periodical to my google reader because I feel like reading news articles will help me improve my Spanish vocabulary and whatnot.

Turns out, they actually have mp3s of select articles...thus, I can practice listening (which needs the most work).

Major, major score.