June 21st, 2010

German help!

So I'm currently living in Germany and studying German. In the Umgangsprache it's very common to use the dative when you say "wegen," so much so that I thought it was the rule, but my German teacher told us that "wegen" is actually supposed to be used with the genitive. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if in older German there were personal pronouns that could be used in the genitive case?

er... English? Spanish? movies?

Hello. I hope it's alright to ask such a thing here.
I have a movie in Italian called "Eravamo solo mille" (2007 with Daniele Pecci and Christiane Filangieri). It's about a guy who got himself in war-trouble during Garibaldi times. I don't know Italian so I need subtitles in English or Spanish. But to search Internet about subtitles in these languages I have to know the name of the movie in these languages.So: if "Eravamo solo mille" was ever shown in any English- or Spanish-speaking country, what was it's name? Has anyone seen it? (I don't think I have to ask for a correct translation of the words "eravamo solo mille", the question is - how was it translated by some movie-dealers in England or America. And I've googled it of course, but wasn't able to find it by myself, so please help me.)

BTW if somebody knows where to find (free) subs or scripts of non-english movies, I'd be grateful for that help too.

Tricky word list

Hey folks:

I'm putting together a word list to create stimuli for a neurolinguistics task. I'm having trouble getting an even number of words for my categories, and was hoping people here might have ideas.

I've used the this and this databases, but was hoping maybe I'd missed a few words.

Here are the rules:

1. Start with an alveolar consonant: D, L, N, T.
2. Initial consonant followed by an 'oo' or 'ee' sound.
3. 'Ew' or 'eu' are acceptable, as it's Quebec/Ontario English. 'Dw', etc, is not.
4. Nouns are preferred but not required.
5. Words cannot have cognates in French.

I need both one-syllable words, and 3-syllable words with initial stress. The one syllable ones should be usable in a 5-word sentence structured along the lines of 'The adjective noun verb noun/adjective.'

Below the cut are the words I already have:

EDIT: Word-pairs aren't actually pairs, they're just sorted by consonant-vowel sound group.

Collapse )

Hopefully I can get a couple more - it seems like once you start piling on criteria English doesn't have as many words as you think.
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"brendan is studying abroad in grenoble for five weeks and he refuses to speak english while he is there. very annoying."

i need to know how to write the above in french. please and thank you to anyone who can help.