June 16th, 2010

tsuki no usagi

Mandarin wonderin'

It has long been a recurring, even a stereotype joke in numerous sitcoms and movies that a non-native speaker of Mandarin (or other dialects of Chinese, perhaps) gets into an awkward situation through incorrect reproduction of vowel tones.

It would be great if someone provided a few real-life examples of phrases where the change of tone may totally change the meaning. It would be even greater if that were something innocent turning into something really embarrassing :)

Xie xie in advance :)

Variations of Spanish Dialects and Accents

Hello, Fellow Polyglots!

I realize I may be opening up a can of worms and some may even find this subject offensive, though I hope not.

I've studied various languages, but this will be the first time I'll be studying Spanish. My question to you, and especially to speakers whose first language IS Spanish, is this:

"Which variation of accent or dialect *sounds* most pleasing to you and why?"
In your response, if you can tell me what your first language is and/or where you're from it would help me put your opinion into a frame of reference.

I realize that this is simply an opinion and not a judgement on a culture.

I'm wondering this because, like English, there are so many variations of the language, but as an US American, I tend to find (for example) the Scottish accent musical, but less refined than much of the UK, so it's very sexy to me. I daresay that *most* of the US finds any UK accent pretty darn sexy. Again, this is just an opinion and not a judgement.

Thoughts on Spanish variations?

Please don't slay me for asking such a question!

This is utterly fascinating!