June 11th, 2010

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Newbie alert!

Hello! People call me Doodle. I'm almost sixteen years old and going to be a junior in high school. I live in the United States. I've taken German since seventh grade, and next year I will be taking German at the local university. According to the results of my placement test, I'm going to be taking Advanced German Conversation (4301). I was surprised that I tested into an advanced class; my high school German classes were honestly terrible, and I tried not to get my hopes up, thinking I would get into an intermediate class (which is what I consider my level to be). I guess all of the studying I did on my own actually helped! Since I'll probably be the youngest (and most nervous) student there, it will definitely be an...interesting experience...!

I've always wanted to be a polyglot, even though I just learned the term for it recently (within the past year). Even as a kid, I felt disappointed that I wasn't raised in a bilingual family. I've dabbled into many other languages, but this summer I'm hoping to study just a couple. I'm a beginner in Esperanto, and I really want to try to learn Norwegian. I haven't been able to find many good online resources for it, though, and with Bokmål and Nynorsk and all of those different dialects, I'm not sure where to start. If anyone has advice or sites to recommend, I would really appreciate it!

Studying languages is a hobby of mine, but looking at communities like this makes me feel very much like a newbie. I hope I can learn many new things here!
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Japanese Puns/Wordplays

I have a friend who's studying Japanese, and recently she sent me these few puns/plays on words. I found them enjoyable, but alas, my knowledge of Japanese is but superficial, so I can't attest to their accuracy. Nonetheless, here they are:

青い鳥はいる (Aoi tori wa iru)- The bluebird is being fried/is living.
私は飢えるから赤飯を植える (Watashi wa uerukara sekihan o ueru) - I'm starving so I'll grow red rice.
家の内/中は綺麗 (Uchi no uchi wa kirei) - The inside of the house is beautiful.
鳥は私の車を打つ、だから鳥を撃 (Tori wa watashi no kuruma wo utsu, dakara tori wo utsu) - The bird hit my car, therefore I will destroy the bird.



what to call someone...

Sorry about all these posts, I'm just... trying to get my roleplaying character right, and, among other things, she's fluent in Spanish and I'm not. And some of these are kind of subtle-nuance things, not the kind of thing you can look up. The game's taking place 15 years from now, so I have some fudge factor, but I doubt language would change unrecognizably betwixt now and then.

She's 16, of Puerto Rican descent, and from New York (in Rochester 'til she was 12, then homeless in NYC, if it makes a difference.) She has a new friend who's a 19-year-old gay guy from some backwater in Montana. He's a jock type (wrestler), and very comfortable with guns. Is there anything reasonably... friendly (preferably in Spanish) that she might call him because of any of these things? I'm kind of aiming for the kind of thing that would be mildly insulting if it wasn't meant in a friendly or teasing manner, like calling him "redneck" or "country boy". They're probably not close enough yet to use something that would be *very* insulting if it wasn't meant as teasing, though I might want that later.