June 8th, 2010

Spanish swearing help again, pretty please?

I've asked for help for swearing for my roleplaying character before, but there's a few specific phrases that I'd like Spanish swear words for, if possible

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The phrases I'd like dirty-word replacements for (just the swear words, the rest of the sentence will stay English) are:

1. in 3 levels of politeness/vehemence/insult, "Listen, [insert favorite pejorative here], I don't want to deal with your macho bulls*** right now. Go talk to someone who gives a s***.

2. In a respectful/admiring sense, "That b***h is crazy. You do *not* want to piss her off."

The goal is to have the sentence remain otherwise intelligible to monolingual English speakers, but with the rude bits in Spanish. But you can rephrase if you think there's a better/more natural way to say something.

I'm Sorry to Ask This!!

In a forum I read a rule that said "You don't have to say sorry when you ask a question!"

Well, as an asian, I have the impulse to say "excuse me/i'm sorry" when i want to ask somebody a question, even online. but i get over that impulse after years getting used to online thing.

So, Is it just me, just asian or world wide?

French help needed, and quick please!

I've got my French Grammar exam tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed!

Are the participes passes in this sentence correct?

Dans la queue, les clients préssés se sont poussés et certains se sont injuriés.

And BTW, "Je nie que..." goes with the indicative mode, and "Je ne nie pas que..." goes with the subjunctive, am I right?

Merci mille fois!


Hello, all! First time posting and lover of languages (English speaker, studying Spanish and Japanese.) I am native Khmer, but don't know the language apart from a few phrases such as how to order in a restaurant, direct a taxi, greetings, etc. I have a question akin to the one a few posts below on Thai workbooks, in that I'd really like to study it further. Does anyone know of any learning materials? I live close to New York City so maybe there are schools/teachers in the area? I know this is a very uncommon dialect outside the native country, so I realize I might get no answers, but can't help asking!