May 14th, 2010


Popular Websites (FML, Overheard in New York) in different languagse

 Hey, everyone! I'm not sure if this is something not many people know or if I'm just late to the party, but I just found out that FML and Overheard in New York have multilingual versions.

There's the original "", an Italian version, a Spanish version, and a Swedish version. Whoa. If I had known this I wouldn't have stuck to reading French newspapers. :(

There's also different language versions of "Overheard in New York". The Russian version is, unfortunately, defunct, but you can access it by the Wayback machine. There is a Finnish version, Swedish version, and an Estonian version.

They're not the English site translated; they have their own unique entries and such. I think this is clear, but I just want to make sure. If you were to read all the versions of FML, you'd get like a quintuple dose of it each day. :P

I personally love reading these because you pick up on colloquial language and such you don't get from reading history books or newspapers. For example, I just learned how to say "My cat got squished to death" in French. Plus, they're tend to be funny (if you like that sort of thing). 

If you all know of any similar websites that have similar concepts or are in the same style (anyone know if there are other versions of "Not Always Right" and "Passive-Aggresive Notes"?) and are available in multiple languages, please feel free to post them here.

Well, I hope someone has gotten something good out of this. Good luck to everyone learning something!