April 30th, 2010

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In 1920 the young couple had a son, whom they named Kirill (living today).

"living today" - is it a correct phrase to indicate that the person is still around? Thanks in advance!
Åpen bok


 Ah, the difficulties of reading texts in extremely-similar-but-not-the-same-languages. I'm Norwegian, and just found a spectacularly useful book for an assignment... in Swedish. Which mainly works quite well, but for some reason I can't find any dictionary that will help me feel sure that I've understood this phrase correctly:

"Översätt texten, så att den hjälpligt följer originalsångens form, och ändra följdenligt i musiken."

It's "hjälpligt" and "följdenligt" that are the real problems for me here... 

Any help would be appreciated

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English Grammar Resource Request

I've spent countless hours searching on the web and in my local library for some sort of list or guide that name the various tenses, verb forms, sentence structures, moods, etc, and descriptions of them/how to use them. I can't seem to find any good ones.

I was wondering if any of you fine people had any sort of idea where to find one? Complete list linkage or even just a name of a may-be-useful website or a book, it doesn't matter.

Thank you in advance!

Hindustani books

I got six books which are probably Hindustani (I cannot read it).
At the back of the books is some publisher's info in Chinese. I can read that a bit, so I'll type what I can below, but my question is:
I want to enter this books into Librarything, but because I cannot read nor type Hindustani and the books don't have ISBN, so I cannot add them now.
Is there anyone who has the time to type the titles for me? You can find the cover pictures behind the links. Thanks :)

All books:
-人民教育出版社・・・・・(can't read the last five characters)

book 0:
-published in 1986
-88-H-256P (is this a kind of ISBN?)

book 1:
-published in 1984

book 2:
-published in 1984
-阿宝 (original title?)

book 3:
-published in 1984

book 4:
-published in 1984

book 5:
-published in 1984